Cookies Policy

When accessing the Site, small files called cookies or connection cookies may be installed on the User's computer or mobile device. The use of cookies is standard practice on most websites. In order to provide its Users with a better browsing experience and update the Site with relevant functions, Minitec uses cookies.


What are cookies?

The construction of modern websites depends on the implementation of a set of minimum functions that allow meeting the browsing expectations of Users. Among others, it is expected that for a certain period of time, websites will maintain the actions and preferences of Users, namely their username (Username), language in which they want to browse the Website or other relevant settings related to the websites interface. Cookies are small information files that are stored on the device you use to access the internet through your browser and allow the implementation of the mentioned features.


What kind of cookies are there?

There are several types of cookies.

Considering the lifetime of cookies, these can be:

1. Session cookies – these are temporary cookies, which are deleted from the cookie file when the browser or application used to access the website is closed. Through this type of cookies it is possible to analyze web traffic patterns, allowing us to identify problems and provide a better browsing experience.

2. Permanent cookies – they differ from session cookies as they are not deleted when the browser or application is closed, remaining stored on the User's devices. They are used whenever a new visit to the Site is made, allowing us, among other functions, to customize the browsing experience according to the User's interests and provide a more individualized service.

Considering, in turn, the domain to which they belong, cookies can be:

1. Own cookies – these are cookies sent to the User's device through equipment or domains managed by Minitec and from which the service requested by the User is provided.

2. Third-party cookies – are cookies sent to the User's device from a device or domain managed by a third-party entity over which Minitec has no control. In these cases, it is this third party that processes the data collected through cookies.


How to block/disable cookies?

All browsers allow the respective User to accept, refuse or delete cookies, namely by selecting the appropriate settings in the respective browser.

Please note, however, that disabling cookies may partially or fully affect your browsing experience on the Site.

You can configure cookies in the "options" or "preferences" menu of your browser. Below, we indicate the various ways of disabling cookies, depending on your browser.

To learn more about cookies, visit, where you can find information on how to manage your settings for the various browser providers.

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